Old black and white photograph of Bath


A rich heritage for more than 100 years

In 1898, Edward Palmer Mallory took over Routley, the jewellers that occupied No. 1 Bridge Street in the historic city of Bath. In partnership with his wife, Mrs MT Mallory, Edward ran the company that would soon forge a reputation as Bath’s premier jewellery shop.

Over the years, Mallory’s reputation grew steadily under the couple’s stewardship, among both local customers and the many visitors who came to the city for its Roman baths and spectacular Georgian architecture.

Old photograph of Bath
Old photograph of Mr Mallory

More than 100 years later and the Mallory business is still very much a family affair with Edward’s grandson, Patrick Mallory, serving as chairman and Robert Vander Woerd, Edward’s great-grandson, as managing director.

Robert has grown up in the company and busily steers its twenty-first century course through a combination of adroit brand acquisitions, gem buying flair and investment in in-house craftsmanship and state of the art technology. Robert now oversees a staff of 35, who have collectively gained more than 200 years of experience in recommending and advising on the purchase of jewellery and luxury accessories.


Experience, knowledge and passion steadfastly remain the core values at the heart of a business where employees have often served a lifetime, this encourages great customer loyalty and the continuing success and growth of the business.